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Luxury Apartments to rent in Edinburgh

Apartments in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city rich in history and full of iconic landmarks and major attractions. The most prominent of these is the beautiful Edinburgh Castle, sitting at the hub of this famous city. A trip to Edinburgh is not complete without a visit to this old residence of kings and queens of Scotland. Another must-see is the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the finest gardens in the world. The city is also full of wonderful churches, galleries and museums. Additionally, Edinburgh takes pride in its abundance of trendy bars and top-class restaurants. These can largely be found along the Leith shore. All of our Edinburgh property rentals are centrally located, within easy reach of most of the main sights.

Each summer, Edinburgh plays host to the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival. This is a collective term for the many cultural and arts festivals that take place, usually over the month of August, in this great city. The largest of this is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest arts festival. The Fringe is the showcase for the performing arts, mostly featuring theatre and comedy. Some of Britain's most famous comedians and actors began their careers at the Fringe and the festival continues to delight and entertain year after year. As well as organised ticketed events, the Fringe includes a vibrant street fair along the Royal Mile.

Our holiday apartments for rent in Edinburgh are all conveniently located near the centre, making it easy to get around and explore this great city.

Events in Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Art Festival

    The city's galleries, museums and visual art spaces combine to present the most exciting and intriguing of the modern and contemporary visual arts world, during the month of August.

  • Beyond Caravaggio at the Scottish National Gallery

    This is the first exhibition of works by Caravaggio and his followers – the so-called Caravaggesque painters – ever to be shown in Scotland. Caravaggio’s dramatic lighting and compositions, and his radically new approach to subject matter exerted a huge influence on a host of contemporary artists from all over Europe, many of them painters of the very highest calibre, such as Gentileschi, Ribera, Valentin and Ter Brugghen.

  • Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    The 2016 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will take place from 5-27 August with performances on Monday to Friday at 9.00pm and on Saturday at 7.30pm and 10.30pm. There is no performance on Sunday.




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