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Luxury Apartments to rent in Siena

Apartments in Siena

Allow Siena to cast its spell, easily captivating you with its magical charm and enchanting ambience. Visiting Siena is like taking a step back in time, its steep, narrow medieval streets leading to its centrepiece, the magnificent and awe-inspiring Piazza del Campo, bordered by its elegant palazzi.

The city has had a tumultuous history dating from the height of its power around 1348, and has suffered from the effects of the Black Death which killed off much of the population as well as defeat by the Florentines two hundred years later. The decline of the city has been rectified over time, and more recently with new redevelopment and the renovation of the original buildings. Its historical interest, as well as its many excellent restaurants and cafes, speciality food shops and boutiques, and accessibility to the Tuscan countryside, make it an enjoyable base to stay in its own right. 

The Piazza del Campo is also the setting for Tuscany's most celebrated festival, the Palio, which takes place on 2nd July and 16th August each year. The horse race itself takes a mere 90 seconds, but the advance build-up and pageantry is an experience in itself.

Our Siena apartments for rent are all right in the centre of the city, two with views over the Piazza del Campo.  The other three apartments for rent are in a historical 16th century Palazzo. The street, Via di Citta, is located between the Piazza del Campo and the famous cathedral. The apartment is just a few steps from Siena’s main attractions, art galleries, shops and restaurants.

Events in Siena

  • The Palio

    The Palio is the most important event in Siena, taking place on July 2 and August 16 every year.




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