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Luxury Villas to rent in Sicily

Apartments in Sicily

Sicily  is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations in Europe, with so much to offer of historic interest and six UNESCO World Heritage sites.  Its treasures include one of the largest Greek theatres in Italy, in Siracusa, the archaeological area of Agrigento with the remains of Doric temples, the Baroque architecture of Noto and Militello Val di Ctania, the Necropolis of Pantalica and, of course, Mt Etna. 

Our villa to rent in Sicily, Italy include a unique historic property, located between Catania and Siracusa, offering the ideal base for exploring the south east of Sicily.  The city of Siracusa is  partly  on the promontory-island of Ortigia, and partly on the mainland, and linked by a short bridge. Ortigia was the first part of Siracusa to be settled, and is today a jewel of Sicilian Baroque, while on the mainland is the archeological zone. 

Another beautiful rental  villa is situated further north, also in eastern Sicily, between Mt Etna and the sea.  It is on an estate specializing in producing organic varieties if citrus fruit. Mt Etna is about an hour’s drive away, as is the city of Catania with the "Pescheria" - the famous fish market, Teatro Massimo Bellini, Castello Ursino, the Greek-Roman theater and numerous other archeological sites and museums. 

We also offer a villa to rent between Agrigento and the seaside resort of San Leone.  Kolymbetra, within the archeological zone, is another fascinating place to visit, a magnificent, historic garden set within an ancient valley. Those interested in literature can visit the birthplace of writer Luigi Pirandello, or take a tour of Agrigento and the port of Porto Empedocle to see the places that inspired the Montalbano novels of Andrea Camilleri. Those who love nature and the great outdoors will not be disappointed either --- the villa is in easy driving distance of the Vulcanelli di Maccalube, the splendid unspoilt sands of the Torre Salsa nature reserve, the lively beach of San Leone, and the famous Scala de’ Turchi cliffs, a natural staircase of white rock descending to the sea. 




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