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Luxury Apartments to rent in Florence

Apartments in Florence

Florence's compact layout, with all the main sights and shops in one central area and with many of the streets now pedestrianised, makes it a pleasure to explore on foot. The city is defined as having the Duomo as its centre, Santa Croce to the east, San Marco to the north, Santa Maria Novella and the railway station to the west, and the Palazzo Pitti and the Oltrarno bordering to the south. All our luxury apartments for rent in Florence Italy are centrally located within these boundaries.

You might wish to stay in a palazzo in the Piazza della Signoria, arguably one of the world's most beautiful piazzas and the city's political centre since the fourteenth century, or have views of the Duomo and the Battistero from your window, from an apartment in another historic palazzo - these are just a couple of examples of our exclusive locations. There is nothing quite like a river view. Particularly of the Arno, from an apartment near the famous Ponte Vecchio. This Florentine landmark has been gathering history since 1345 and tells its tale in the medieval workshops and jewellery stores that line it. A little away from the hustle and bustle of these historic centres is the Oltrarno, situated just to the other side of the Ponte Vecchio, a traditionally quieter area and home to a number of artisan workshops and quaint antique shops.

To not mention food in the context of an Italian holiday would be to ignore a cultural passion that has been elevated to an unsurpassed art. Soak in the ambience amidst indulging in the gastronomical delights of Florence's many restaurants, tavernas, pizzerias, and cafes, or prepare your own meals in the comfort of your apartment, with fresh produce handpicked from Florence's  food markets. The two largest and most well-known markets are San Lorenzo and Sant' Ambrogia, with hundreds of food stalls offering fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly prepared delicacies and olive oil products.

Events in Florence

  • Bill Viola. Electronic Renaissance at the Palazzo Strozzi

    A significant exhibition celebrating this unchallenged master of video art and occupying both the Piano Nobile and the Strozzina. You will be immersed in space, music and sound as you track the career of this artist from his early experimental work in the 1970s right up to his monumental installations of the 21st century. 10th March - 23rd July.




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