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Apartments in Syros

Syros has a total area of 84 and is divided by its natural topography into two parts, the north with its wild landscape, unique traditional villages and hiking trails, and the south with its natural beauty, including more coastal settlements, and organized beaches.  The main town, Hermoupolis is the capital of the Cyclades and, without doubt, one of the most fascinating ports in the Mediterranean. Like an open museum, visitors will be impressed by its monumental architecture and magnificent public buildings, such as the City Hall, the Customs Office and the “Apollo” theatre – all testaments to its glorious past.

Well-known throughout Greece for its gastronomic distinctiveness, the cuisine of Syros combines flavours from East and West, Outstanding traditional products of the island include San Michalis spicy cheese, the famous “Halvadopita” – a nougat sandwiched between two crunchy wafers, and the traditional “Loukoumi” with rose and mastic fragrances.

Our stunning villa to rent here is situated in the south east of the island near Megas Gialos, and benefits from spectacular views over the sea. 




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