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Luxury villas to rent in the Loire Valley

Apartments in Loire Valley

Our luxury accommodation in the Loire Valley is in small village of Bréhémont, which lies about 30 minutes drive west of Tours, in the Val de Loire. After crossing the Loire river from the northern, right bank at Langeais with its fortified château, a road to the right leads westward along the river’s left bank. As the road turns, the river comes again into view, and at the same moment, the village of Bréhémont, resplendently white, appears on the horizon, its church spire silhouetted against the sky. This approach to a riverside village is one of the loveliest in France. Enjoy Bréhémont to the fullest from the charming village house we have for rent here.

The village of Bréhémont was once a thriving community bustling with river commerce. Most of this has gone today, vanishing with the demise of river transport a century or more ago, but the decoratively-carved façades of the stone buildings in the village centre, still attest to Bréhémont’s charm and former affluence. Popular places to visit near Bréhémont include Langeais 5 kms away and Chateau de Villandry, approximately 12 kms away.




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